Haiti has been experiencing a multifaceted and multidimensional crisis. Several proposals have been made over the past four years as possible solutions to the problem, but none have been successful for a variety of reasons. The United has sent several emissaries in the hope of resolving the issue, one of them, Daniel Foote has resigned in protest, claiming the United States has pursued fraught policies that contributed to the crisis in Haiti. The political crisis in Haiti must be resolved by Haitians and the effort to arrive at a resolution must be Haitian led. We, in the Haitian Diaspora from the United States, Canada, France, Brazil, Dominican Republic strongly support and encourage the Montana Group, CESOC, PEN, ARIEL HENRY and Accord LARI A, each with their own resolution to the stalemate to come together in one place to negotiate a final agreement to the crisis.

“No single group has the legitimacy to impose a solution. We need an Accord of the ‘Accords.’

Emmanuel Roy, Executive Director HDPAC

“This must be a Haitian-led solution,

Brian Nichols, the Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere, told the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

“We need Haitian Solutions to Haitian problems

Haitian-born former Governor, Michaelle Jean

The purpose of the Summit is to provide a platform for the political factions and Haitian Civil Society to negotiate a permanent solution to the political crisis and to lay the groundwork for a government of transition to organize free and fair elections as soon as practicable.  Invited are the major political factions, including the Montana Accord, Ariel Accord, Cesco Accord, Akor Lari and PEN Accord. Also invited are influential members of Haitian civil society and the Haitian Diaspora from different countries of adoption. The Haiti Unity Summit offers the parties the best opportunity to harmonize their different propositions. It further offers a neutral and secure ground where all the protagonists can sit down and engage in a constructive dialogue. 

To unblock the situation, it is therefore necessary to reach an agreement that reassures the parties and offers a participation in the new government which must be a government of rupture responsible for putting in place the safeguards so that the next elected government is unable to deviate from the rules of good governance and respect for the rule of law.

“There must be an An Accord of all the Accords,”

Kenneth Merten, U.S. Charge d’Affaires in Haiti, told the audience of a local radio station in Port-au-Prince.

“A negotiated solution between the protagonists will disjoint Haiti’s intractable socio-political and economic crisis,”

Dr. Bernier Lauredan, HDF President and co-convener of the summit.